A Modern Twist on Teeth Straightening



Interested in a safe and effective method of shifting your teeth that takes a fraction of the time as regular braces? Six Month Smiles might be just the answer. Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are barely visible. They’ll perfectly fit your teeth — and your lifestyle, taking only six months to realign your smile.

Six Month Smiles addresses what are usually our two biggest adult concerns when it comes to teeth straightening — length of time and appearance,” says Dr. Joe Capista.

“With this system, we can move your teeth gently, safely and discreetly in six months, often for less money than you would pay for traditional orthodontics,” adds Dr. Joseph Lamb.

Six Month Smiles takes the idea of traditional braces and modifies it for today’s adults seeking a more conservative cosmetic solution for straighter teeth and a more attractive, confident smile. These clear brackets and wires won’t damage your natural enamel, a problem that can sometimes occur with traditional braces. Also, there are virtually no eating restrictions with this safe and comfortable solution.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Capista or Dr. Lamb to see if this straightening system might be your best option for a more attractive and confident smile.