Alexa’s our October Smile of the Month

After orthodontics, Alexa still wasn’t totally satisfied with her smile. The culprits were two undersized laterals, the teeth on either side of the two front teeth.

Dr. Spennato used something called “no-prep veneers,” a type of veneer which requires little-to-no tooth preparation to ready the tooth for the veneer. Alexa was able to achieve a beautiful and natural-looking, long-lasting smile. No-prep veneers are a great choice for patients like Alexa with genetically small or misshapen teeth, or teeth that have been eroded by grinding, for instance.

Alexa’s happy to show off her new smile, and we’re happy to show it to you here!

Note how the teeth surrounding Alexa's front teeth were slightly smaller

Note how the teeth surrounding Alexa’s front teeth were slightly smaller

Now Alexa's teeth are beautifully aligned

Now Alexa’s teeth are beautifully aligned