All I Want for Christmas is… Straight Teeth?

June: Fast forward to six months from now when your calendar will be full, with office holiday parties, social gatherings and school recitals to attend. As you make merry with colleagues, family and friends, will your self-conscious, crooked smile take away from your inner happiness and joy?

Williamsburg Dental offers a great straightening solution for adults who are unhappy with the alignment of their teeth— Six Months Smiles®. This safe, relatively fast orthodontic technique requires, on average, just six months in which we can gently re-align your teeth. It’s the perfect alternative for the busy adult who may have had braces as a child but finds that his/her teeth have shifted, or for teenagers or younger adults who prefer this “barely visible” options. Woman smile

Six Month Smiles aligns your teeth with tooth-colored wires with clear brackets. We can transform your smile with minimal force on your teeth, and often at less expense than traditional braces or veneers.

Why not consider giving yourself or a loved one a Six Month Smile that will be ready to unveil during the upcoming winter holidays? Take the first step now by calling us at 610-353-2700 to schedule your consultation.