Banish Bad Breath This Holiday Season

With holiday parties filling up the squares on your December calendar, you may want to spruce up your attire — and your breath.

More than 80 million people suffer from halitosis (bad breath). We all know that spicy foods like garlic or acidy drinks like coffee can be culprits. And that sometimes sinus infections, acid reflux, or smoking can create havoc with our breath. But the most common cause for halitosis is simple bacteria, like the kind that thrives on the back of your tongue, which is harder to clean than our teeth.

No time for the tongue scraper, toothbrush and dental floss before the afternoon office fest? Try sneaking a sprig of parsley off the buffet table to chew for instant freshness. You can also sprinkle salt on a lemon slice. Suck on the lemon to help neutralize onion or garlic breath.Bad breath 200

If proper brushing (at least twice a day) and flossing aren’t helping get rid of your bad breath, ask your Williamsburg Dental dentist for his opinion. He can help you determine the source and refer you to your family GP or specialist if necessary for further investigation.