“Cutting-Edge” Dentistry?

Heading out today for a haircut and a tooth extraction? At the same time?

You might be if this were still the Middle Ages.  Back then, dentistry was practiced by monks, who were the most educated group of people at the time. Barbers visited the monasteries to shave the monk’s heads for them, and assisted the monks in their dental practices. When a series of Papal edicts apparently prohibited the monks from dentistry, the barbers kind of took over.  pierre 200

In 1723, French surgeon Pierre Fauchard, (now considered the Father of Modern Dentistry), published a dental book. Fauchard believed that cavities came from sugar and that people should limit their sugar intake. No surprises there!

You can thank Dr. Fauchard for the fact you sit alone in a dental chair, with your dentist next to you, and not on TOP of you. Dentists once sat on the patient’s chest on the floor. The dentists apparently wrapped their knees around the patient’s head to keep it from moving. Ouch!

Seriously though, if you’re contemplating any serious teeth restoration or smile makeover, you’ve come to the right place. We offer today’s most innovative, safe and pain-free procedures to help you enhance your smile. And Drs. Capista, Spennato and Lamb promise never to sit on your chest!