Do You Need to Moisten Up Your Mouth?

Ever get that feeling that there’s just not enough saliva in your mouth? It’s a common sensation when we’re upset or stressed. But having dry mouth most of the time probably means that you, like 25% of the adult population, suffer from xerostomia (zeer-oh-STOE-me-uh), the fancy medical term for dry mouth.

Symptoms may be a sticky, dry feeling in your mouth but can worsen to include difficulty eating dry foods, cracks at the corner of your mouth and even mouth ulcers. A lack of saliva can affect the way we chew, taste and swallow. And cavities just love dry mouths. Food that’s supposed to be cleared away with normal saliva hangs out longer and forms bacteria more easily, causing cavities. Dry mouth 200

Certain diseases like diabetes and Parkinson’s as well as cancer treatments and nerve damage can affect the salivary glands and cause dry mouth. In fact, more than 400 medications list “dry mouth” as a possible side effect!

Since discontinuing medications or medical treatments is rarely an option, your Williamsburg Dental dentists normally recommend the Biotene® family of products to help relieve dry mouth symptoms and provide added moisture. We’d be happy to give you a sample during your next visit. We’ve even got coupons you can use to save money at your favorite pharmacy.

Looking for other helpful tips to alleviate dry mouth? Try to drink more water; avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine; chew on sugar-free gum and suck on sugar-free candy.