Dr. Capista Shines at Career Day

Dr. Capista recently enjoyed a fun trip— down memory lane— when he visited his high school alma mater, Monsignor Bonner Archbishop Prendergast, for their special “Career Day” event. About 40 alumni returned to the school to provide experienced advise to high school seniors as they make major college and career decisions. Some highlights from Dr. Joe’s speech include:

• Go for the career you want — even if you’re told you can’t do it

• Be the best you can be

• Develop your best communication skills

• Find mentors to help you be successful

• Try to have balance in your life

• Work to control your thinking

Dr. Joe knows all about choosing the right career. After all, he’s a dentist, and US News and World Report ranked dentists the BEST JOB IN AMERICA!

Bonner 200