Dr. Spennato Helps Those Less Fortunate Receive Valuable Dental Care

Once a month, on Fridays, is a special time for Dr. Spennato. He leaves behind the busy practice at Williamsburg Dental to bring smiles to Chester’s underprivileged at the Grace Dental Clinic, a non-profit Christian dental clinic. This special entity locates temporarily each month within the Frederick Douglass Christian School at 700 Central Avenue in Chester, PA.

The Grace Dental Clinic first opened its doors to the public in March 2012. The clinic operates Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm as a two-operatory facility located on the first floor of the school. Volunteer dental professional like Dr. Spennato offer their skills to residents of Chester who pay a small contribution of $10 that goes to World Impact, an urban ministry that has served the Chester community since 1988. The clinic offers basic care, exams, x-rays and some restorative care.

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“Dentistry is my passion,” says Dr. Spennato. “So to be able to extend my services to people who might otherwise be forced to neglect their teeth does my heart good.”

For more information on the clinic and on World Impact, you can view their website or call them at 610-872-9220.