Food For Thought

Can’t you almost taste that scrumptious roasted turkey?

Don’t forget your vegetables. Research shows that the onions found in your favorite stuffing actually help cleanse your teeth (maybe not your breath!) as you eat them. Onions contain compounds that help reduce bacteria-causing tooth decay.

The iron in broccoli may help you avoid some of the corrosive effect of soda.  And kale (isn’t everybody talking about kale these days?) contains minerals that support tooth structure. Download the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s free “Recipes for a Healthier Smile” e-booklet for some good recipes.   happy_thanksgiving

Williamsburg Dental hopes you have a wonderful feast. And, to our Jewish friends who are celebrating two holidays this week – Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukah!

P.S. – Starting your holiday shopping on Black Friday? How about giving a loved one a “White Christmas” with a gift certificate for a Zoom teeth-whitening session or a take-home whitening kit?

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