For whiter-looking teeth this winter: Think BLUE

Ladies: Did you know that a quick application of the right lipstick can make your teeth look whiter?

In order to accent the whiteness of your teeth, experts recommend using a lipstick with a bluish undertone. These cool-toned lipsticks counteract warmer (yellow) tones in the teeth. It’s something to do with the fact that blue is opposite yellow and orange on the color wheel.

If you want to embrace dark red, experts say you should stick to a rich berry with cool undertones, not an orange-red which will bring out the yellow in your teeth.

Further up on the face, the “blue” theme works on the eyes as well, with shades of blue and purple (or silver) helping to enhance the whiteness of your teeth. Last tip: Hydrating lipstick or moisturizing gloss is also a good smile enhancement since dryness will accentuate lip lines, giving your smile an aged look.

For even whiter teeth: Williamsburg Dental offers women (and men!) a variety of teeth whitening options including the Zoom! one-hour whitening system and take-home whitening trays. Call our office today at 610-353-2700 to see which teeth whitening-option might be best for you.