Protect Your Smile and Improve your Game
With AgilityGuard™

The American Dental Association recommends protecting your teeth during sports by wearing custom-fitted mouth guards.

More significantly, for more than 40 years, dentists have been aware of possible game improvements when athletes use a properly designed, protective mouthguard. AgilityGuard was created by Dr. Clayton A. Chan, sometimes considered the developer of the most efficient neuromuscular “bite,” and Dr. Joseph Andary, a dental practitioner with substantial experience assisting world-class athletes with performance mouth guards.

Dr. Capista and Dr. Spennato are two of a select number of nationwide, Chan-certified dentists approved to offer amateur, competitive and professional athletes with AgilityGuard, a custom-fitted athletic performance guard.

How Does AgilityGuard Work?

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to athletic performance mouth guards. The “science for sports” concept behind AgilityGuard says that your lower jaw is in optimal bite position when it aligns with your spine. The idea is to allow your body’s physiology to perform at maximum capacity by keeping your jaw in the best possible position without any restraints. AgilityGuard is designed to custom fit to each individual patient’s unique “optimal signature alignment,” the peek lower jaw position that can lead to enhanced overall sports performance such as balance improvement and increased agility.

Interested in reading more about AgilityGuard? Click here to be directed to the website. Or simply schedule a personal consultation today with Dr. Capista or Dr. Spennato to learn how AgilityGuard can optimize your own athletic performance.

We’ll conduct a series of agility tests to help you determine how an AgilityGuard mouth guard may help to improve your individual performance in contact and non-contact sports in terms of strength, balance, speed, agility and even flexibility. Call us on 610-353-2700 or complete a contact form today.