Giving Back

We take a lot for granted in this great country, including the fact that reliable dental care is a staple almost everywhere here.  This isn’t always true elsewhere. 

In January 2014, Dr. Lamb, along with two other dentists and a medical group that included an ophthalmologist, traveled to Honduras with volunteers of the Kurtz Humanitarian Initiative for Southwest Honduras (KHISH). Here, Dr. Lamb completed pro bono (without charge) dental work for the underserved in several neighboring towns, with makeshift “offices” set up in rooms in local churches.

lamb 200

Dr. Lamb in Honduras

“These very poor communities resort to bottled beverages since they have little or no access to running water,” he explained. “As a result of this lack of a reliable water supply, the only service we can offer at this stage is to extract diseased teeth, which is especially sad for us when the patient is only a child.”

Dr. Lamb  plans to repeat his trip again in the future since, as he says, “it was so rewarding to be able to be of some assistance to these people.” 

Honduras is, according to KHISH, the third poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. For more information on the organization’s efforts, you can visit their website.