How Brushing and Flossing CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Studies continue to point to the relationship between poor oral health and heart disease. Researchers at the University of Helsinki (Finland) followed more than 8,000 subjects from 1997 to 2010. Their findings, published in the Journal of Dental Research this past May, showed that five or more missing teeth increased the risk for coronary heart disease events by as much as 140%!

What Can You Do? man 200

One of the major contributing factors to tooth loss is severe gum disease, called periodontitis, a chronic inflammatory disease in the gums that can usually be prevented by normal oral hygiene —daily brushing and flossing.  Signs of gum disease include swollen, tender or bleeding gums, bad breath and loose or shifting teeth. Risk factors for gum disease include smoking, diabetes, genetic susceptibility and hormonal changes in women.

Most people don’t show signs of gum disease until at least their ‘30’s, with men more likely to have the disease than woman. Even though you may not experience discomfort during the earliest stages of this disease, your Williamsburg Dental dentist can detect and diagnosis the condition as well as suggest treatment to prevent the downward spiral to more “systemic” diseases.

In the meantime, brush and floss twice a day, every day. Just a little effort goes a long way toward keeping your mouth—and your body— healthy.