I Gotta Feeling

stk85284corHere’s the premise: You have a dental filling scheduled at nine on Monday. Then you remember you’ve ALSO got a big work presentation set for the same morning at 11. Uh-oh: Novocain numbness! What if you starting mispronouncing words or drooling in front of your new boss?

Williamsburg Dental offers a safe and easy solution for adults worried about lingering numbness after local anesthetics have been administered. It’s called Oraverse®.

Oraverse® (Phentolamine Mesylate) speeds up normal mouth sensations to your lips, cheeks and tongue up to 50% faster than without it. Approved by the FDA and used for Williamsburg Dental for many years, Oraverse® can be part of your next treatment that requires local anesthesia.

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