New Folders, New Binders — How About a New Toothbrush, Too?

While shopping for your children’s new binders, folders and other back-to-school supplies, why not add a fun new toothbrush to the list? Today’s toothbrushes offer so many adorable variations —cartoon characters, neon colors, movie themes and more— all fun ways to encourage your children to brush. And a pea-sized amount of toothpaste is all that’s required.

Back to school 200The American Dental Association (ADA) offers tips to help keep your children’s smiles healthy. Here are a few:

#1 – Bring children in for regular exams

#2 – Consider sealants or fluoride treatments

#3 – Encourage regular brushing and flossing

#4 – Change toothbrushes every few months, and after illness

Williamsburg Dental also suggest you offer your children healthy lunch and snacks. Cutting back on sugary foods and drinks can go a long way toward keeping your offspring’s teeth healthy. Crunchy fruits and vegetables provide nutrition and help clean out other food from the teeth’s chewing surfaces.

Best wishes to all of our families with children going back to school or starting other new academic adventures!