Our Winning Team

Williamsburg Dental was featured in the June 2014 issue of Suburban Life magazine. According to the magazine, "The professionals at Williamsburg Dental offer the most advanced dental treatments available, served up with concierge-style patient care." Read More.

Dr. Spennato Honored With Philadelphia Magazine Top Dentists™ 2014 Designation

February 26, 2014, Broomall, PA ‐ Dr. Robert J. Spennato, a partner at Broomall's Williamsburg Dental, has just been named to the Philadelphia magazine Top Dentists™ 2014 list in the area of Cosmetic Dentistry. Read More.

Tooth Talk: Healthy Smiles for a Lifetime


Developing early oral care habits with your children is essential to the future health of their teeth. Make sure to educate yourself on the best options for their care.

Preteens & Teens

(ages 12-19)

Coming Soon

Braces and tooth care are probably not a top priority for your teen. However, now it's even more important to continue to educate and help them maintain healthy teeth for life.


(ages 25-55)

Staying on schedule with dental visits is essential during our adult years. Even an historically healthy set of teeth can develop problems as we age.


(ages 55+)

Even if we've taken the best care with our teeth, most of us will eventually be faced with the dilemma of how to save what we have - or the best way to replace or repair our teeth.


Dr. Spennato, Dr. Montalvo and the Williamsburg Staff; Keeping Teeth Clean on Halloween (Williamsburg Team Halloween)

Dr. Montalvo and His Team Dressed as Plaque Attackers on Halloween (ARM Team Halloween)