Our June “Six-Month” Smile of the Month

nick saphos3Addressing crooked teeth in adulthood used to mean bulky orthodontic braces and mouthfuls of metal. Not any more.

Six Month Smiles® provides an accelerated, cosmetic re-positioning of teeth perfect for adult patients like Nick, who wanted an easier way to achieve a more attractive smile. The process utilizes a low force system that shifts teeth safely during a short treatment duration. Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires make the system barely visible.

Is Six Months Smiles® right for you?

We can tell you that this system is one of the most conservative teeth-straightening processes out there. We can tell you we LOVE this system. But the best way to find out is to call us and schedule a consultation!


Close-up of Nick's smile before "Six Months Smiles®"

Close-up of Nick’s smile before “Six Months Smiles®”

Close-up of Nick's smile after treatment

Close-up of Nick’s smile after treatment