Our September Smile of the Month: She’s Thrilled!

Rachel came to Dr. Spennato with a request to change the look of her short-toothed, worn-looking smile. Our Dr. Spennato, of course, had just the right fix.

He treated Rachel in two painless visits. First he performed a procedure called gum recontouring (also known as crown lengthening), a cosmetic dental process that reshapes the gum line. Dr. Spennato was able to reveal more of Rachel’s natural teeth and get rid of the “gummy” smile appearance that made Rachel’s teeth seem too short for her smile.

On Rachel’s second visit, Dr. Spennato placed eight porcelain veneers. These cosmetic enhancements utilize medical-grade ceramic that attaches to the front surfaces of the teeth. This safe and strong material looks just like natural tooth enamel.

“Rachel is absolutely thrilled with her transformed smile,”says Dr. Spennato. “And I’m thrilled for her!”

Rachel "Before"

Rachel “Before”

Rachel "After"

Rachel “After”