Preventing Teeth Stains—With a Straw?

Did you know that sipping soda through a straw can help you avoid stains and cavities?

A straw, when resting on your tongue, behind your teeth, can help decrease the amount of acid that comes into contact with your teeth from drinks like soda. The straw doesn’t entirely eliminate decay. However, by concentrating liquid rather than dispersing it, there’s less damage to fewer teeth. straw 200 1

For straw-sippers seeking healthier and brighter-looking teeth, Williamsburg Dental offers several dentist-supervised teeth whitening options (always the safest and most effective method) with results that can last up to several years. Ask us about our Zoom!®, one-hour teeth whitening system. We also provide take-home teeth whitening kits.

Ever hear of the “White-Shirt Rule?” After having your teeth professionally whitened, it might not be bad to practice the “white shirt rule” for 24-48 hours which tells you that if the drink you’re considering would stain your shirt, it might stain your teeth. When your teeth are professionally whitened, the enamel surfaces need time to rehydrate, which they’ll do, naturally, with saliva.