Six Month Smiles®? Invisalign®? Please Help Me Choose!

question 200Adult patients interested in correcting crooked or overcrowded smiles often ask us which of our teeth straightening systems is better. Our answer: It’s up to you!

Either system works great as cosmetic braces. And both systems work well for light-to-moderate crowding of the teeth, crooked teeth or gaps.   

Six Month Smiles can work in as little as six months. The system utilizes barely visible braces with a more traditional bracket and elastic system. The primary goal is to correct teeth that show the most when you smile. Invisalign normally takes about a year for results. The system uses clear, removable aligner trays that gradually shift the teeth into place. Both systems are virtually invisible and, unlike traditional braces, are generally comfortable, convenient and allow you to eat, brush and even floss without difficulty.

Still confused? Call Williamsburg Dental for a free consultation.  We’ll provide all the factors you need to help you make the right decision to achieve a more even, healthy smile.