Six Month Smiles®

Are you uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth and embarrassed of your smile? Are you hesitant to wear braces as an adult due to cost, time, and appearance concerns?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we have the solution for you. Six Month Smile by Dr. Capista is the revolutionary new treatment to get you the smile you’ve always dreamed of, faster than you imagined!

Using invisible brackets and small space-age wire, Six Month Smile can straighten your teeth and restore a confident smile in a safe, effective and unobtrusive way. No one will even know that you have braces on! And best of all, your treatment can be completed in a six-month period, rather than over the normal 12 – 24 month period for traditional braces.

Take the first step towards improving your smile by scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Capista.