Some Wise Information about Wisdom Teeth

Parents often ask us: When will my child’s wisdom teeth erupt, and will he/she need to have them removed?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that people get. They usually erupt in an individual’s late teens or even early twenties. They don’t always need removal, but a visit to an oral surgeon might be suggested if your Williamsburg Dental dentist sees evidence of pain, infection, damage to adjacent teeth or other issues, such as a necessary part of orthodontic or restorative treatment. About 85% of individuals will have to have wisdom teeth removed for these various reasons.dv1644050

Wisdom teeth were once really important for our early ancestors who had tougher diets and chewed primarily on leaves, roots and meat. Our diets are different today, so wisdom teeth are no longer necessary. Actually, thanks to evolution, some folks never develop wisdom teeth.

P.S. – The name “wisdom teeth” came about since that is thought to be the age when individuals become wiser.