Spending Lots Of Time In The Pool This Summer? Better Keep Your Mouth Shut!

Young Girl Swimming UnderwaterUnless you know that the water pH balance is between 7.2 and 7.8, it might be best to keep your mouth closed when racing around the pool this summer.

Competitive swimmers or anybody who has spent more than six hours a week in a pool should consider the following: Swimmer’s “calculus” (no, it’s not a math game!) is a dental condition caused by our saliva mixing with pool chemicals in the water, especially pool water that’s too acidic. The end result is an organic deposit that can cause tooth discoloration, especially on the very noticeable front teeth. Dr. Capista says that although this staining might be unattractive, there are no serious oral health problems associated with this condition.

“Swimmer’s calculus is a purely cosmetic situation that we can remove with professional dental cleaning,” he says. “Swim team members or summer pool enthusiasts might simply want to schedule more frequent visits with their hygienist.”