Spring Into Summer With Five Easy Dental Tips

For many of your children, school is already a distant memory. Kids are heading to the local pool, summer camp and backyard BBQs. So we thought we’d offer a few basic dental tips to help you keep their pearly whites healthy and injury-free:

1/ Protect Their Teeth: Did you know that, according to the Academy of General Dentistry, soccer players experience the most dental-related problems? Custom-made mouth protectors could change that fact. Talk to us for a suggested solution. soccer 200

2/ Tell Them to Close Their Mouths!: Little pool enthusiasts who swim more than six hours each week are subject to hard, brown deposits called “swimmers’ calculus” which can, luckily, normally be removed at your child’s next professional cleaning.

3/ Advise Kids Not to Chew Ice: Chewing ice might feel refreshing, but it wears down tooth enamel, can puncture or scratch gums and can increase sensitivity.

4/ Encourage Water: Packing water instead of soda or juice decreases the chances for cavities.

5/ Toothbrush Reminder: Don’t forget to make them pack one (or two…) toothbrushes, plus dental floss, when leaving for camp or vacation.

Williamsburg Dental wishes all of our families a fun-packed 4th of July weekend as well as a carefree and safe Summer 2014!