Straight Teeth in Six Months – Doesn’t Bob Look Great?

Bob came to us with a positive outlook but a less-than-confident smile composed of crooked teeth and a big space in the front. He was looking for a more confident, more attractive smile but didn’t want to wait years for results.

We suggested Six Month Smiles®, one of our adult short-term orthodontic solutions that produces straight teeth using clear braces.  This technique employs today’s latest dental technologies to shift teeth quickly and safely. One picture (o.k., two, in this case!) tells a thousand words. In less than six months Bob was thrilled to obtain a gorgeous new smile. That’s why we chose him for our April “Smile of the Month.”

For more information on Six Month Smiles, or other dynamic, cosmetic procedures offered by Williamsburg Dental, please contact us today. You can also take the Six Month Smiles assessment questionnaire to see if this innovative treatment is right for you— most adults will find they are good candidates.

Bob's "Before" smile needed some Williamsburg Dental TLC!

Bob’s “Before” smile needed some Williamsburg Dental TLC!

Wow! Take a look now.

Wow! Take a look now.