This Friday is Candy Corn Day

Thought we’d try to warn you off candy again this Halloween? Kind of “fruitless” since we know you’re going to serve and eat tons of the stuff. And, actually, it turns out that some “healthier” granola bars and fruit juices actually contain even more sugar content than the amounts found in many candies. WD Halloween 200

In any case, we decided to lighten things up by giving you some fun Halloween candy statistics instead. But of course, after indulging in all the sweets, PLEASE be sure to brush and floss!

• According to the Huffington Post, Americans purchase about 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween each year

• 90 million pounds of chocolate are sold during Halloween week alone

• The top selling candy is candy corn, which is also the most searched-for candy on Google

The National Confectioner’s Association estimates that 35 million pounds of candy corn are sold around Halloween each year. Candy corn was created back in the 1880’s and originally made by hand, kind of like fudge, in large kettles. One serving (about 19 pieces) contains 140 calories, 32 grams of sugar and 36 grams of carbs.

Whatever you’re indulging in —Happy Halloween from all of us here at Williamsburg Dental!candy corn 200