Wake Up To A Beautiful Smile

Millions of people put off obtaining the confident smiles they deserve because of severe dental anxieties and phobias. If that sounds like someone you know, Williamsburg Dental can address these fears and offer pain-free, safe and gentle dental care via sedation dentistry.

Mildly fearful patients can request oral conscious sedation. With this form of sedation, you take prescribed pills prior to your visit that relax you and takes away any anxiety or fear. You will need a ride both to and from your appointment. Once you are in the office, you are given a second sedative that helps guide you into a safe, sleep-like state. Most patients have no memory of their treatment at all. girl smiles

Another sedation option is Intravenous (IV) Sedation, which is offered by Dr. Spennato at the Crozer Keystone Surgery Center at Brinton Lake. Sedatives are introduced into your bloodstream to induce a deep state of relaxation. You’re so relaxed you have no worries about what’s going on. Time appears to pass very quickly and you don’t recall much, or anything at all, of the procedure. You’ll be convinced you were asleep.

With either form of sedation dentistry, we can perform complex dental procedures like smile makeovers in fewer appointments and less time.

Spread the word. People who’ve avoided visiting the dentist because of fears should talk to us about our sedation options. We can work together to make 2014 the year of your new smile!