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Blog Posts in July, 2016

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  • Piercing Revelations
    Piercing Revelations

    Are you considering some sort of body piercing? We hate to sound old-fashioned, but if you or your teen is into this form of self-expression, we’d much rather you targeted your ears and not your ...

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  • Our July
    Our July "Smile of the Month"

    Joe’s chief complaint when he came to Williamsburg Dental, was his damaged, discolored upper teeth. “People told me it looked like I never smiled, even when I was actually smiling,” said Joe. “I think ...

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  • Gum Disease is Linked to Other Maladies
    Gum Disease is Linked to Other Maladies

    When we remind our patients to brush and floss, we’re doing so to ensure a lot more than an attractive smile. Oral bacteria and the gum disease it causes has been seemingly linked to a laundry list of ...

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