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Blog Posts in October, 2017

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  • Home SWEET Halloween Home
    Home SWEET Halloween Home

    Ever wonder how your BF can act so nonchalant about the chocolaty Kit Kat bar you so desperately crave? Could be genetics. In a widely noted report, Danish researchers from the University of ...

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  • Is Autumn 2017 Your Season for a Smile Makeover?
    Is Autumn 2017 Your Season for a Smile Makeover?

    We’ve talked about cases like Vince’s previously, but thought his smile transformation was so natural looking he should be featured again. Patients of all ages often come in with what they consider a ...

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  • Your Comfort Counts
    Your Comfort Counts

    There may be “no place like home” but we make sure our waiting room is super-equipped to keep everybody comfy. In fact, one of our patients recently posted that “there was little-to-no wait… very nice ...

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  • Games for the Kids
    Games for the Kids

    Back-to-school time brings many of our youngest patients in for visits with mom, dad, and other caregivers. Often, a younger sibling or two comes along for the ride. If you’re looking for a ...

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