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Blog Posts in January, 2018

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  • Straight News about Celebrity Smiles
    Straight News about Celebrity Smiles

    Would you like to obtain a celebrity smile in 2018? Invisalign®, a relatively non-invasive, nearly invisible teeth-straightening method , will “move your life, not disrupt it,” according to the ...

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  • Maria's our January Smile of the Month
    Maria's our January Smile of the Month

    A great way to start the year —by showing how cosmetic dentistry can totally transform a ho-hum smile into an extraordinary one! Maria’s old dental work had been accomplished at various stages in her ...

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  • Things that go
    Things that go "bump" -in the mouth

    They’re technically called “transient lingual papillitis,” but mom or dad may have called them “lie bumps” when you were growing up. We’re talking about those swollen, uncomfortable, or even itchy red ...

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  • Helping Others Less Fortunate
    Helping Others Less Fortunate

    For more than 10 years, Dr. Spennato has joined a dedicated group of Springfield School District administrators, teachers, students as well as many other community volunteers. This group’s annual ...

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