Start the School Year Off Right-With a Beautiful Smile

If you’re like some of us here at Williamsburg Dental with young children, your August focus is switching from planning barbecues and beach trips to shopping for new clothes, sports equipment and supplies for your son or daughter’s new school year. In the annual rush to tie up summer activities and get the kids back into a school routine, it’s easy to forget about dental health. Please don’t! How about making smile maintenance appointments part of your “Back-to-School” checklist? Most cavities don’t hurt until they become infected, which could mean missed school and possibly lower academic performance as a result.

Colgate and the ADA offer the following tips to help mom, dad and other caregivers get the kids back into important preventative dentistry routines.

• Have your children brush their teeth and floss before breakfast to ensure these important processes aren’t forgotten in the rush to get to school.

•Toothbrushes should be changed every three months or so. Why not pick up a few fun, new toothbrushes when you’re shopping for those colorful binders and funky notebooks?

• Check out compartmentalized lunch containers that allow you to pack healthy, snacks like fruit and cheese instead of sugary foods.

• Encourage your children to drink water which helps wash away food from the teeth.