You Heard it Here!

A bit of personal “fan” fare: Dr. Spennato was thrilled to recently meet his idol Bruce Springsteen at a book signing for The Boss’s memoir “Born to Run,” held in Atlanta, Georgia. A longtime Bruce fan, Dr. Spennato attended his first Springsteen concert 36 YEARS AGO LAST WEEK at Asbury Park’s The Stone Pony, the club that’s recognized as the venue that helped launch Springsteen’s career.

More Dr. Spennato trivia— his first date with his wife Debbie occurred on August 15, 1982 (yes, he remembers!), again at The Stone Pony and again with Bruce showing up to play with the house band. Dr. Spennato claims that the only reason Debbie agreed to go with him was because he told her Bruce would be there, but we know that couldn’t be true!

Dr. Spennato has, to date, seen Bruce Springsteen perform 87 times. Debbie? More than 20 times. Daughters Alexa (22) and Emily (19) have seen six shows each. This is a family that was also “Born to Run” —to the nearest stadium featuring Bruce Springsteen!