Do You Suffer From White Coat Syndrome?

Are you terrified of needles and injections? Does the thought of seeing a dentist, doctor or any medical professional make you incredibly anxious?

Despite our best attempts to mitigate patient anxiety by providing comfortable, relaxed settings, we know that just the idea of visiting your dentist can make some patients fearful. These patients may even experience a dramatic increase in their blood pressure when they finally build up the courage to come in to the office.

“White coat syndrome,” the name applied to this condition, (since medical professionals traditionally wear white jackets over their clothes), affects 10-20% of the population. The syndrome can cause the same type of abnormal spike in blood pressure that’s experienced with too much caffeine, insufficient potassium or stress.

Closeup of a doctor's scrubs with stethoscope and lab coat on hangers against a neutral background.Addressing dental fears is one of the main reasons Dr. Spennato offers both oral conscious and Intravenous (IV) sedation dentistry, the latter alongside a board-certified anesthesiologist, right here in our office.

You don’t have to suffer from white coat syndrome to be a candidate for sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, Dr. Spennato can accomplish more, in less time, and in fewer visits which is especially helpful if you’re having a smile makeover or another extensive restorative procedure.

Interested in learning more? Why not schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Spennato? Keep in mind that if you suffer from “white coat syndrome” you could also be at risk of developing high blood pressure in the long-term. You might want to speak to your general practitioner about monitoring your blood pressure at home to determine if your numbers only increases in a clinical setting.