National Junk Food Day

Do you enjoy skimming to discover wacky events on the annual calendar? We do! In case you decide to indulge during tomorrow’s “National Junk Food Day” (July 21st) you might consider the following tips to help you keep those pearly whites clean and healthy:

#1 Sip water while snacking to help wash away food particles and sugars.

#2 If you can’t brush or floss, rinse your mouth with water after eating snacks like potato chips which contain loads of starch, which gets trapped in your teeth.

#3 Consider how chewy, sticky sweets adhere longer to the teeth —there’s more time for possible damage.National Junk Food Day

#4 Are you a chocoholic? Dark chocolate has less sugar than milk or white chocolate.

#5 Keep in mind that fat-free isn’t sugar-free – some low fat yogurts are loaded with the sweet stuff.

#6 Have some cheese with your crackers (helps inhibit tooth decay).

#7 Think dried fruits are healthy? Yup. But they’re also sticky! (See #3)

Williamsburg Dental also reminds our patients to avoid chewing ice which can damage tooth enamel or end up causing chipped teeth or loosened crowns. Need to chew on something? Try a carrot stick!