Smile and Say Cheese!

Dairy and Dental HealthMany of us grew up listening to parents telling us to “Drink your milk in order to build strong bones,” which actually happens to be really good advice. The calcium in dairy products like milk helps strengthen bones and teeth. Dairy products also contain protein (muscle building and repair) and Vitamin A (cell growth) as well as potassium (lowers risk of bone loss).

In honor of June’s “Dairy Month” designation, the team at Williamsburg Dental thought we’d offer a few


#1 Don’t like milk? Yogurt, cheese, pudding, cottage cheese and ice cream are all milk substitutes that also contain calcium.

#2 Ever hanker for a glass of milk after downing a yummy slice of chocolate cake? Turns out that drinking milk after eating sugary foods can help reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth, thanks to bacteria-killing lactic acid.

#3 Munching on cheese stimulates saliva production to help clear away food particles.

#4 Drinking chocolate milk is much easier on your teeth than eating solid chocolate. Liquids don’t stay in the mouth long or cling to teeth.

#5 Consuming cheese also raises pH levels which have been shown to provide anti-cavity properties.