Vince is our June Smile of the Month

Vince's New Smile

Patients often come in complaining about their short-looking smiles. So, even though we’ve featured him before, we decided to make Vince our June “Smile of the Month” to illustrate how our doctors can easily transform smiles that appear narrow or short.

Vince changed from a “Woe is me” to “Wow, it’s me!” smile with all porcelain veneers that Dr. Capista used to widen Vince’s smile, eliminate a gap between his front teeth and white his teeth. Our doctors are smile makeover experts who can fix chipped teeth, cover up stains and turn narrow smiles into beautiful, wide grins.

Think you’re a candidate for a smile makeover, or just interested in learning more? Call our office today at (610) 298-0402 to schedule a consultation.

Vince's New Smile