Diabetes and Your Teeth

Did you know that November is designated “American Diabetes Month?”

Tens of millions of us are unfortunately affected by this disease. And, there’s more. As if having diabetes wasn’t challenging enough, patients with diabetes are more prone to gum disease because of their poor blood glucose (sugar) levels, which makes these individuals even more likely to lose more teeth. The high blood glucose levels associated with diabetes encourages bacteria and can worsen tooth and gum problems. It’s also a two-way street, meaning that those patients with gum disease can see their diabetes progress faster.

Diabetes is associated with gingivitis (inflamed gums), periodontitis (gum disease, which can be mild to severe), candidiasis (thrush) in the mouth, xerostomia (dry mouth) or an oral burning feeling (which can indicate that your diabetes medication needs adjustment).

Sometimes the earliest signs of mouth problems from diabetes starts with bleeding or even just tender and swollen gums. If you have diabetes, you’ve probably had this kind of conversation with your Williamsburg Dental dentist already. If not, please do asap! It’s important that you keep us up to speed regarding any overall health changes that can affect your oral health.

For more information, visit the American Diabetes Association‘s website.