Halloween Dental Tricks to Help with the Treats

Happy Halloween from the doctors and staff at Williamsburg Dental! We know trick or treating is all about candy, and SUGAR! And we appreciate that kids of all ages will indulge in loads of ghoulishly tasty goodies on Halloween (and for many days/weeks after…). So here are some tips to make the holiday not so devilishly devastating for your teeth:

Halloween Tip #1 Choose simple chocolate (dark, preferably) over chewier, sticky varieties. Plain chocolate goes down fast and dissolves faster, leaving less residue behind to cause problems. Caramels can be nightmares when it comes to dental restorations—and that includes caramel popcorn. The longer the sweets stays in your mouth, the longer your teeth are exposed to the deadly chain reaction of acid = bacteria = cavities.

Halloween Tip #2 Drink lots of water. Hydrating is always great, plus it helps rinse some of the sugar out of your mouth.

Halloween Tip #3 Don’t be tricked into thinking dried fruits are much better treats for your teeth. Dried plums, apricots, etc. also contain loads of sugar. Sticky fruit bits can get stuck between teeth where saliva won’t easily wash the bits away. Brush! Brush! Brush!

Halloween Tip #4 Sour candies? The rule of thumb is to wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth if you’ve just consumed super sour candies to avoid damaging your tooth enamel, since sour candies are highly acidic and contain low pH levels. A swish of water or drink of milk will help neutralize the acid and help rinse away the acidic residue.

Halloween Tip #5 Grazing works for cows but not for humans when it comes to sweets! Limit the amount of time your teeth are exposed to sugar and acid by sticking to quickly munched, miniature candy bars. And avoid long sessions with lollipops and taffies if you can’t brush afterwards.