Renata's Our September Smile of the Month

Renata’s habit of grinding her teeth left them looking severely worn. With the creation of eight porcelain veneers, we were thrilled to give Renata a vibrant, new, healthy smile.

Porcelain veneers are considered one of the most popular means of creating more beautiful smiles. They can be used to whiten teeth that can’t be otherwise whitened, to change the shape and size of teeth and to give you a smile that’s more proportionate to your face. The veneers are made of wafer-thin, dental porcelain that is both stain resistant and durable. The porcelain veneers fit snugly over existing teeth, correcting flaws and creating beautiful, white smiles, often in just one or two visits.

The veneers helped change Renata’s bite as well. This correction, along with a specially made night guard from Williamsburg Dental, helps protects Renata’s gorgeous new smile from any possible damage from future grinding.

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Wow! Renata after receiving porcelain veneers