Stuck on You: Four Tips to Avoid Green in Your Teeth

Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently took flak for conducting a White House briefing with what looked like a piece of spinach stuck in his teeth. So we thought we’d remind patients how to avoid similar, embarrassing moments when you’ve “eaten green” and can’t brush:

1/ Dental floss or floss pics are both easy to carry in your pocket or handbag. If you can’t easily dislodge the object stuck in your tooth, try tying a tiny knot in the floss and pulling it through.

2/ Adding crunchy, raw vegetables to your meal can help scrub away hidden green bits.

3/ Try swishing some warm water around the inside of your mouth to help loosen the object.

4/Chew sugarless gum – it’s sticky and might help remove lingering bits.

Don’t use anything that could damage your teeth – like hairpins, tweezers, or the like. Most of the time, having food stuck in your teeth is a nuisance but not much else. If a trapped object is causing you pain, your dentist can gently dislodge the item for you.

P.S. – Having trouble flossing properly? Ask you Williamsburg Dental doctor or hygienist for a quick demo during your next visit. We’re happy to offer a how-to.