Three Cheers for our Dental Hygienists

Williamsburg Dental’s hygienists are among the more than 160,000 licensed dental hygienist professionals in this country—but we know our team is extra special. They don’t just clean your teeth (although they all do a fabulous job of that —see below), they also work closely with our doctors to help assess your oral health and keep your smile healthy and attractive.

Lynn Diamond, Ida D’Ignazio, Ceil Maguire,Tricia Melchior, Michelle Perry, Susan Poggi, Dottie Russo, Angela Sharer and Lauren Wasson— we really appreciate you!

Here are a few of the many comments we receive regarding our hygienist team:

• “Lynn does an excellent job.”

• “Once again the greatest dental hygienist in the world, Dottie Russo.”

• “I love Ceil who does my cleaning and look forward to seeing her twice a year.”

• “Angela was great – she pointed out my issues and gave me advice.”

• “Michelle is the best, as always.”

• “Tricia is always efficient and professional.”

• “Excellent experience, as always. Thanks, Ida.”

• “Lauren did a great job cleaning my teeth. It’s always a pleasure coming to Williamsburg.”

• “Dr. Capista and Susan made my repair a pleasant and painless experience.”

And here’s one from just last week that we hope sums up our entire team:

• “Outstanding!”