Did I Inherit Soft Teeth?

Is there such a thing as genetically inherited “good” versus “bad” teeth? Can two people take care of their teeth in the same manner but end up with far different results? We’re here to tell you that no, there really isn’t such a phenomenon as “soft” teeth that would cause cavities.

But there are factors which can make our teeth seem weak, and they include trauma, illness, hormonal imbalances, severe vitamin deficiency and poor oral hygiene in the early years. In most of those instances, your teeth will actually look different, with brown or chalky spots easily seen.

The “hard” fact about “soft” teeth is that it’s bacterial acids that cause decay. Keeping your teeth clean with brushing, flossing and regular visits to your Williamsburg Dental dentist will help keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful! And don’t forget about our sealants (children) and professional fluoride treatments (adults) to help protect your teeth.