Five Top Reasons to Brush Before Bedtime

Toothbrushing removes bacteria and other gunk known as plaque. But some of us think that we can sneak by with a good brushing in the morning and then slack off before hitting the sack. Here are five good reasons why that’s really not a good idea:

1/ Saliva flow, which helps decrease acid in the mouth, slows down at night, which can lead to decay.

2/ Nighttime activities often include at-home snacking, parties and special events full of processed, sugary foods and drinks. You shouldn’t hit the pillow before ridding your teeth of all that extra sugar.

3/ The results achieved from rinsing with a fluoride mouthwash before bed are diminished if your teeth aren’t clean.

4/ Your teeth need a recovery period—fluoride from toothpaste helps that process.

5/ You make morning breath that much worse.

Did we convince you? Hope so. Tonight, when you prepare to turn in, don’t forget to first turn to your toothbrush and give those pearly whites a good cleaning!