Did you know? This is actually a COOL Week!

Did you know that this week in 1902 is attributed to the introduction of the air conditioner? Our doctors, staff, and patients are very grateful for this invention! If you’re visiting us this week, sit back in your dental chair and relax in the comforting temperature thanks to a cooling system devised by Willis Haviland Carrier. Be sure to grab a Williamsburg Dental water bottle for the ride home!

This week also marks the opening of the Harvard School of Dentistry, the very first dental school in this country. The school will commemorate 150 years of education and service this year.

One more bit of trivia for this week: Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California this same week back in 1955. What would the world be without this cultural icon that brought “life” to Splash Mountain, Main Street, Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty’s castle and so much more?