Imagine Yourself: What will you look like with your new smile?

Liz After Smile

Curious to see how your smile could be transformed through cosmetic dentistry? As part of your treatment consultation (prior to the start of any treatment), we can provide a Complimentary Before and After Digital Portrait so you can see how your new smile can look. This complimentary photo “session” is just one more of the many advantages of choosing Williamsburg Dental for your smile makeover.

It’s amazing to see what fabulous changes procedures like crowns, bonding,composite fillings, teeth whitening, veneers, bridges, re-shaping,or easy teeth straightening options can do for chipped, worn or discolored smiles. Come in and see for yourself! Want a little sneak preview? Take a look at some of the beautiful smiles already created here at Williamsburg Dental by Dr. Capista and Dr. Spennato.

Liz After Smile

Liz after treatment