Spring Into a New Smile With Dental Veneers

This patient said he originally heard Dr. Spennato’s radio ad on 1210 WPHT. He called Williamsburg Dental and came for a second opinion after being told by his regular, Center City dentist that he would need his upper and lower teeth crowned in order to repair his smile which consisted of severely worn, discolored and undersized teeth.

Dr. Spennato suggested a much more conservative approach. By carefully applying porcelain veneers, Dr. Spennato, a known area expert in cosmetic dentistry, offered the patient a less invasive procedure which provided a truly effective outcome. With veneers, a dental “facing” is bonded on top of the tooth. This preserves more healthy tooth structure compared to crowns which can require major original tooth reduction.

The patient’s treatment was completed in just two visits. When he returned to his regular dentist for a regular cleaning appointment, the dental hygienist (with 25+ years experience!) told the patient that his makeover was the nicest example of dentistry she had ever seen. That’s quite a compliment coming from another dentist’s office!

If you are seeking a revolutionary dental makeover like this, why not call Williamsburg Dental for a consultation? Celebrate Spring 2017 with a fabulous new smile!