Games for the Kids

Back-to-school time brings many of our youngest patients in for visits with mom, dad, and other caregivers. Often, a younger sibling or two comes along for the ride.

If you’re looking for a distraction for your children, and want to make them feel part of the dental experience, consider Colgate’s free, online games and activities catering to different age groups, even the tiny ones ages 2- 4. Their Kids Corner includes games like “Toothbrush Patch” for the littlest ones to show them exactly where they should brush while helping them learn to count. In “Dr. Rabbit’s Dental Office Tree House,” kids help Dr. Rabbit dress for the weather and pack his dental bag as he visits schools to talk about teeth.

You can download their free App on Google Play or via iTunes and watch videos on dental basics, brushing, flossing and treatments. The site also gives parents tips on oral care.

Happy playing, viewing and reading!