Is Autumn 2017 Your Season for a Smile Makeover?

Vince's New Smile

We’ve talked about cases like Vince’s previously, but thought his smile transformation was so natural looking he should be featured again. Patients of all ages often come in with what they consider a “narrow” smile like Vince had, where their teeth seem short. In Vince’s case, Dr. Capista enhanced Vince’s appearance with all porcelain veneers that made his teeth more proportionate in size. Dr. Capista also eliminated the space between Vince’s front teeth.

Drs. Capista, Spennato, Lamb and Tibbetts can give you a gorgeous new smiles in time for 2018. They can reverse narrow smiles, perfectly match color and texture between porcelain veneers and natural teeth, and repair worn, jagged, chipped or discolored teeth. Why not call for an appointment to see what can be achieved with your personal smile makeover?

Vince Before

Vince wanted a wider smile

Vince's New Smile

Vince’s new smile