That Daily Grind

Person Putting in a Retainer

Are you a night grinder? Studies show that up to 70% of us suffer from “bruxism,” or clenching and/or grinding our teeth. One in eight of us exhibit problematic symptoms as a result of this damaging nighttime mouth activity; headaches, chipped teeth or cracked fillings and even a “popping” jaw are common results. How you address stress, which is often the cause of the grinding, is up to you. Here are a few suggestions:

2/ Relaxation techniques like meditation
3/ Hypnosis
4/ Psychoanalysis to address anxiety

Help for Your Teeth

We can easily tell if you’re grinding your teeth by just looking in your mouth. While Williamsburg Dental can’t, unfortunately, ensure that you relax in your sleep, we can help solve the continued damage to your teeth by creating a personalized, custom-fit mouthguard you’ll use every night.

After taking an impression of your teeth, we’ll send it away to a professional lab who will create a protective “shield” to provide you with maximum safety and comfort. Your mouthguard will fit perfectly in with little, if any, adjustment needed. Interested in learning more? Call our office today and arrange an appointment to protect your pearly whites!