Things that go "bump" -in the mouth

They’re technically called “transient lingual papillitis,” but mom or dad may have called them “lie bumps” when you were growing up. We’re talking about those swollen, uncomfortable, or even itchy red or white bumps on your tongue that seem to appear out of nowhere and cause sudden discomfort.

These bumps luckily normally disappear just as quickly as they appear. They aren’t harmful (normally) and they aren’t contagious. Some of the possible causes include stress, spicy foods or foods high in acid, too much sugar, as well as as a result of digestive disorders.

To help the uncomfortable condition pass more quickly, Williamsburg Dental suggests rinsing your mouth with salt water. Other home remedies include eating honey or other “calming” foods like yoghurt, milk, or ice cream to help soothe the irritation. If you experience bumps that don’t resolve on their own after several days, or bumps that seem to be spreading or interfering with eating, call Williamsburg Dental!